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Learn about our sawmill in Billings, MT

We cut all of our logs ourselves in our shop. Whether we’re chopping wood or rough cut lumber to make furniture or something much smaller, we take care to do it as safely and efficiently as possible.

Need custom cutting? We can take your log and cut it to your specifications for furniture or a special keep sake!
(Logs must be at least 3ft. long, up to 20 ft. long and no wider than 27 inches.)

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3 types of wood we use in Billings, MT

3 types of wood we use in Billings, MT

At Country Pine & Sawmill, we use wood local to the Billings, MT area. The three types we use most often are:

  1. Douglas Fir
  2. Pine – this type of pine resists swelling, warping and splintering very well.
  3. Blue pine – as the name suggests, blue pine has a bluish hue to it that gives it a unique and lovely look.

Learn more about the pros and cons of each type of wood from our woodworking pros today.